Monday, July 23, 2012

Arrosa Half Moon Shawl

 Arrosa 01
Color : Dark Orchid
Out of Stock

 Arrosa 02
 Color : Cream
Out of Stock

 Arrosa 03
Color : Light Pink
Out of Stock

 Arrosa 04
Color : Dark Grey
Out of Stock
 Arrosa 05
Color : White
Out of Stock

 Arrosa 06
Color : Peachpuff
Out of Stock
Arrosa 07
Color : Soft Pink
Out of Stock

 Arrosa 08
Color : Dark Brown
Out of Stock

 Arrosa 09
Color : Grey 
Out of Stock

 Arrosa 10
Color : Pink
Out of Stock

 Arrosa 11
Color : Saddle Brown
Out of Stock

Arrosa 12
Color : Dark Magenta
Out of Stock

Price :
RM83 each (excluding postage)

Material Specification :
High Quality Chiffon

Length :
Approx. 1.6m

Info :
Arrosa shawl are half moon in shape. Can also be wear as veil on your special day! 

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  1. bole tunjuk camane cara nak pkai tudung tuh??

  2. Restock pleaseeeee..huhuhu..i nak kaler hijao

  3. salam..could u please restock this shawl..i nak color cream, light pink and dark grey