Sunday, May 15, 2011

Imaani Double-Sided Long Wrap

Price :
RM39 (excluding postage)

Material Specification :

Measurement :
Length - approx 1.7 metres
Width - approx 0.7 metres

Info :
Special shawl for special person like you, you, and youuuu! It can be worn both sides. Its just like you get 2 shawls for the price of 1! Each of it has a very nice combination of  the design. It is very very limited. Interested? Order it now!  

Item Status :
Imaani 01 - sold out
Imaani 02 - sold out
Imaani 03 - sold out
Imaani 04 - sold out
Imaani 05 - sold out
Imaani 06 - sold out

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