Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Raasha Satin Silk Shawl

Price :
RM60 each (excluding postage)

Promotion :
Buy 2, FREE Postage

Material Specification :
100% Pure Silk

Measurement :
Length - approx 1.5 metres
Width - approx 0.5 metres

Fabric Care :
Dry clean OR hand wash using gentle detergent (eg:softlan, downy). Please do not soak.

Info :
This exclusive shawl is tailor made originally by Artsy Attic. It is gorgeously shiny, very smooth, easy to iron, drapes beautifully, and the most important, it is light and does not trap heat. Just PERFECT for Malaysia's hot weather! Curious about the price? Too expensive? Fret not. We used a very high quality Satin Silk which is 100% pure silk. It's different from others that are using Dubai Silk which is more thick than ours. Try it first, and you will definitely fall in love with it! ;)

Item Status :
Raasha 01 -
Sold Out
Raasha 02 -
Sold Out
Raasha 03 - Sold out

Raasha 04 - Sold out Raasha 05 - Sold Out 
Raasha 06 - Sold Out
Raasha 07 - Sold out Raasha 08 - Sold Out
Raasha 09 - Sold Out

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